I like living in Rocklin, but not during the Winter months

Rocklin, CA is a neighborhood located just outside of Sacramento in the northern part of the state of CA, and rocklin has a population around 50,000 people.

Rocklin was founded around the time of the CA Gold rush. Rocklin was a arena where minors could use the streams plus rivers to pan for gold. Rocklin has a Mediterranean temperature, then the winters are entirely cold plus wet… Average temperatures during December plus January are around 40°, then it rains a lot during the Winter months. It’s been raining every single morning for the past 2 weeks. I like living in Rocklin plus I have been here throughout the last 10 years. I went to college in Sacramento plus I found a job laboring at an office in Placer county, and my bestie plus I got an house in Rocklin about 6 months ago. The house is close to both of our jobs. I have a 10-hour commute to the hospital plus my bestie has a 10 hour commute to the Rocklin HVAC supplier where he works. My bestie is entirely handy plus skilled with heating plus A/C repairs, however he has been laboring at the HVAC supplier for at least 5 years plus he earns a salary now instead of an sixthly wage. He doesn’t have to work on as multiple HVAC repairs now that he is an executive, we’ve been thinking about buying a condo here in Rocklin for the last 6 months. The two of us talked to a realtor plus even looked at some sites in the hills. It’s a entirely huge move to make plus I’m truthfully not sure if I am ready to make this next step or not.
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