I wanted to make a good impression

My girlfriend and I met online. I didn’t really expect to fall in love when I met a girl that lived a thousand miles away from my home. I thought we would be friends and talk online sometimes. There was something about the girl that I could not stop thinking about. Eventually I went to visit her in Phoenix, arizona. I saved all of my paychecks for a month so I could buy the plane ticket. My new girlfriend and I enjoyed visiting all of Phoenix. She showed me all over the city. We went to a hotel and spent the night. I had to leave a couple of days later. About a month after I visited, I got a phone call from my girlfriend. She was pregnant and I was the father. I had a big decision to make. It was easier than I thought it would be. I had to leave all of my family and friends behind, but I moved to Phoenix as soon as I found out the great news. I proposed to my girlfriend as soon as I found a job. I am lucky to have a skill that can be used anywhere all over the world. I am a licensed and certified HVAC technician. I am also licensed to service refrigeration units, coolers, and chillers. I didn’t have any problems finding a job with a Phoenix service company. I actually got calls for interviews before I even got to the city. I had five job offers at Phoenix HVAC commercial and residential repair and installation companies during the first week I was there.



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