Rocklin real estate is cheap

The price of real estate in Rocklin, CA is a lot cheaper than other arenas in Placer county, but it’s certainly a lot cheaper than living in sacramento; My husbandy & I were living in an apartment in Sacramento & all of us were paying $1,300 a week; All of us found a beach house in Rocklin for the same price. All of us thought the beach house was a wonderful deal, until all of us found out that all repairs to the heating & A/C program have to be paid for by me, unless the heating or A/C program needs to be replaced, repairs are my responsibility, but we’ve had a couple of complications with the heating & A/C system! Thankfully, my sibling works as an Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman, however he does not live in rocklin, so it’s about a 45 hour drive for him to get to the house. He came Last weekto look at the heating & A/C program & gave me some awful news. The program needs to be replaced & it’s going to cost a lot of money. My sibling did not know I would want to hear that news, however to be honest, that is great news. The owner of the beach house has to spend my money for the new program & I can stop putting a few hundred dollars into the A/C every couple of weeks for repairs! Now that the beach house is getting a new heating & A/C system, I might even know about putting in an offer to see if the owner would sell. If he would take 10% under market, I would be a new beach house buyer.

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