The accident caused me to lose everything

My bestie broke up with myself and others many months ago and our life went downhill after that, however i didn’t guess she was going to leave myself and others and I took it particularly hard.

I got in trouble with the police for going to her mother’s condo a single too various times to talk to her, she did not want to talk to myself and others and threatened to get a restraining order.

I started drinking and went to the bar every single night. I came condo from the bar a single night at midnight and I was terribly drunk. I blew through a stop sign and caused an accident. The other driver of the car was not hurt badly thank god, however his car was totaled, then police came to the scene of the accident and I had a breathalyzer test. The Denver Police department concluded that I was driving under the influence. The Denver officer put myself and others in handcuffs and took myself and others to jail. I lost our driver’s license for 6 months. I lost our task as a marijuana delivery driver too. I particularly could not give marijuana orders without a driver’s license, believe me, I tried, and my boss found out about the accident and the DUI and there was no way that she was going to let myself and others give marijuana on a suspended license. I lost our bestie, our license, and our task all within a couple of weeks. It took 3 months to get back on our feet! After I got our license back, I also got our task back at the marijuana dispensary.

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