The lovely weed of Albuquerque

My podcast is called the Wild and Wonderful World of Cannabis, then i have been doing it for about 3 years now, on a part-time basis… One of these mornings I will attract a big corporate sponsor and be able to do it as a real task… Until then, I chase it as a single of my numerous passions.

  • I care about to travel and I care about to get high, so why not combine the numerous and turn it into a form of entertainment? I started writing some blog posts to go along with my several excursions, then basically I travel to a locale well regarded for its locally grown cannabis, and I tour the area while sampling their locally grown marijuana; My latest episode is about the enjoyable neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am sure that you’ve seen Albuquerque on television quite a bit over the last few years, because numerous major television shows are filmed here. One look at the skyline of the endless desert and I understood why producers care about Albuquerque so much, because the night sky looks savor a classical painting. I did not visit Albuquerque for the vistas, but, I came here to check out the world-famous cannabis they have become known for. It’s funny to me, because on television Albuquerque is closely neighbord with crystal meth, however in reality the neighborhood is much more cannabis-friendly than anything else. I visited each of the nine strange cannabis dispensaries in Albuquerque, and found that most of them were top of the line. I recognize I have to come back for a minute episode in order to process it all.

Marijuana Store Albuquerque NM