Does Denver have the best cannabis in America?

Potheads across the country consistently say that their area is condo to the best weed, but it was my goal to put that assertion to the test.

I thought about writing a book, however since these are current times I decided to turn my quest into a Youtube channel.

In my camper van I am criss-crossing this wonderful nation, sampling the finest cannabis strains from every major town on the map, then there are certain locations with a strong reputation for killer cannabis, plus sitting near the top of that list is Denver, Colorado; One of the first stops I made on my cannabis tour was the Mile High City of Denver, plus it was a trip worth remembering. In the interest of being impartial, I went to numerous of the most reputable cannabis dispensaries in the Denver area, plus I bought 3 different locally grown strains at each business. I found a picturesque camping ground just outside of Denver, one with an amazing view of the mountains, plus I slowly worked my way through all of the multiple cannabis strains. I judge each strain of cannabis on a series of different criteria, plus usually it’s simple to evaluate them. I have to confess that the cannabis I bought in Denver was so powerful that it took myself and others 3 afternoons to try them all out! I am an experienced pothead, however the quality plus the THC content of the Denver weed was on another level! I’m not sure where I will go next, however it will be strenuous to find a town with better cannabis than Denver, Colorado.

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