The music scene in Seattle is amazing

If you are in the pacific northwest and have any desire or drive to be a musician, eventually you end up in Seattle.

This is the Music Mecca for the country, a place where rookies and veterans alike come to hone their craft and find a bigger audience. Some of the biggest bands of the last 40 years have come out of here, and every major musical act always puts Seattle on their world tour. Music is what brought me here, over ten years ago. I still play live shows, but I understand I will never be famous. Although I came to Seattle because of the music scene, I stayed here to settle down because it’s an incredible place to live. To be completely honest, the cannabis community around here is another reason I find it hard to leave Seattle. Cannabis is not just legal in Seattle, it is a welcomed part of the local culture. Federal laws prohibit smoking anything inside of public buildings in Seattle, including tobacco and cannabis. Otherwise, Seattle is like the Wild West when it comes to cannabis. Most Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle will allow their clients to smoke marijuana in the car! There are cannabis dispensary tours in several of the biggest Seattle stores, where you go behind the scenes to see how a dispensary really works. Even without the prevalence of cannabis, I would still love living in Seattle just for the music alone. So many amazing musical artists got their start in Seattle, you never know when you will see the next big star.

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