The sweet spot is right outside of Las Vegas

I live on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

I am so close that every night the city lights up the sky with millions of different lights.

If the wind is blowing the right direction I can even hear music drifting in the air. I considered it to be the best of both worlds, because on one hand I have the greatest city in America within a 30 minute drive, and on the other hand I never have to go into the city unless I have a reason to. I work from home, and my neighborhood has all the stores I need, so I can choose to drive into Las Vegas whenever I want to see a show or buy some cannabis, but I am not required to go there. I don’t like traffic, and in general I don’t like crowds, so even though I live so close to Las Vegas I only visit it once or twice a month. If there was a better cannabis dispensary in my neighborhood I might only visit Las Vegas once or twice a year! There is a small dispensary a few blocks away, but quite frankly it pales in comparison to some of the biggest cannabis shops in downtown Las Vegas. Since there is a lot of tourist trade in the city, all the best cannabis shops are set up near the strip. I have to brave the traffic and spend a couple of hours in Las Vegas trying to find a free parking spot, but it’s worth it to get my hands on the best cannabis in the state.

Pot Dispensary Las Vegas NV