I found a coupon code online but it didn't work

I have to live on a budget because I don’t make very much money.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college when I was younger and now I have to work a regular job like most of the other people that I know.

During the day I work as a house painter. I have a boss that tells me where to go each day. I spend about 8 hours painting houses. Sometimes I will also do commercial work, but the boss usually sticks to residential jobs because they pay more. At the end of the week, I have to pay my rent, electric, water, and groceries. I only have about $100 left over every week after I pay all of my bills. I like to smoke recreational marijuana, which is legal here in the state of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas. I try to go to the marijuana store when there are sales and specials. Last week I found a coupon code online for one of the marijuana shops in Las Vegas. I went online and filled up my shopping cart with three or four different items. I tried to add the coupon code in the area where there is a blank space. The coupon code kept saying invalid. When I called the Las Vegas recreational marijuana store, they told me that the coupon code was not for their store. They apologized for the confusion and offered to give me 10% off my order. The coupon code was 25% off, but I appreciated the fact that they were trying to help.

Marijuana Dispensary Las Vegas NV