The cannabis lounge was packed on Monday night

There are many locales around the city of Seattle where you can buy marijuana, however there are only a couple of locales that have a cannabis lounge… My friends & I went to the locale where there is a cannabis lounge & it was packed on Monday night; All of us were going to hang out at the cannabis lounge for a while, however both of us went back to our locale! I have a two kitchen house in Seattle, just north of the city. My friends & I went to the community center for the house building & it was open until 11:00. All of us sat there & drank a couple of beers. All of us played darts & pool & listened to songs, however it wasn’t the same as going to the lounge, however the vibe was unusual & I still wanted to celebration. I talked our friends into going back to Seattle so both of us could go to a boiling club that has a lot of things going on at night! Since it was a Monday, the guys agreed to go to the city if I was the guy to drive. I didn’t mind driving back up to Seattle so both of us could go to a bar or a club. All of us stayed in the city until 2:00 a.m. by that time of the night, there was no way that I could drive back home. Since it was our responsibility to get us beach house safely, I offered to call for an Uber or pay for all of us to stay in a hotel room overnight. I had to do the responsible thing.

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