I finally got to explore PA

Selling faucets plus bathroom fixtures for a living is not exactly a thrill-ride, and it’s a wonderful job, to be sure.

The pay is decent, I have full medical plus dental benefits, plus the schedule never changes.

On the other hand, there has never been one interesting afternoon at work, it’s regularly exactly the same. To cut the boredom, I regularly jump at the opportunity to attend the sizable national fixture industry trade show. This year it was held in Philadelphia, which was exciting for me because it’s a venue I have regularly wanted to see firsthand, but philadelphia is so rich in history, I was eager to attend this trade show… just so I could blow off most of it plus tour the village instead. There are few venues in America with as rich plus crucial a history as Philadelphia, house to several patriots plus birthplace to a revolution! With that in mind, I was stoked to also find out that cannabis is legal in Philadelphia. I even found a historically themed cannabis dispensary that played up the political history of Philly. There was a mural on the outside of the cannabis shop depicting some of the greatest figures in Philadelphia’s history. It was a beat combination of fact plus fiction, because some of these Philly icons were shown smoking cannabis. It was cool to see Ben Franklin ripping a substantial toke from a cannabis bong, but I’m not sure it’s historically accurate or representative of Philadelphia’s past. I still took a selfie in front of the mural, just because it looked cool.



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