The national event in Portland

I recognize it was a joke that the national association of weather broadcasters decided to hold their annual convention in Portland, Oregon… This section is well known for having drab, dreary weather throughout most of the year, it’s a good city, don’t get me wrong, but nobody comes here for the weather.

Which ironically made it the perfect spot for me and the other weathermen and weather ladies to relax and talk shop for a long weekend.

There are several hundred people in our organization, although only a hundred of them attended the Portland convention. That was their loss, because this was the best convention of all time, and all the thanks go to the people of Portland. To the surprise of no one there was heavy rain and frigid temps the entire weekend, which is normal for the Portland area. It was so frigid and windy out that nobody wanted to leave the downtown Portland hotel for any reason. Thankfully the hotel director had a buddy down the street who owned and operated a cannabis dispensary plus a cannabis cafe, then my pal and I were able to have the finest cannabis infused dishes in Portland delivered to the lobby, for a feast that kept us indoors for the whole weekend. To go along with the locally grown Portland cannabis, the hotel director also had a few cases of locally brewed heineken delivered for the convention. My pal and I did legitimately little work, and a whole lot of drinking and smoking, however all in all it was the best convention ever, and I must say Portland knows how to party.
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