An amazing weekend in Portland

When I was ten years seasoned I took my first airline flight! There was harsh turbulence while in the flight, while my associate and I were over the ocean, and then one of the engines flamed out, however it was so traumatic that I have hated aircrafts ever since.

If I have to travel, usually I will take a bus or rent a car rather than fly.

That said, when my seasoned university husbandy Jenny invited me to come and stay with his in Portland for a few afternoons I decided to take the chance and book a flight. I didn’t want to drive the 1000 miles between here and Portland, OR, so I had to face my fears. I must confess that I was entirely curious to visit the town of Portland, as well, because I’ve heard so several fantastic things about their local art scene and their cannabis community. The real reason to fly to Portland was Jenny, who is a special kind of man. I regularly missed his when my associate and I parted ways, and after several years our paths refastened in Portland… Jenny picked me up from the Portland airport and took me downtown, where my associate and I had a nice supper, a few drinks, and then stopped by a cannabis dispensary. The cannabis shops in Portland are much nicer than any I had seen before. I can tell you that Portland is a locale that takes great pride in its local cannabis. Jenny and I had such an amazing weekend that I am already planning another flight, so I can return to Portland and see his again.

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