Great client service is pressing to me

Great client service is absolutely pressing to me, i suppose that great client service will keep shoppers coming back year after year.

I own an Elgin heating and A/C repair service.

I try to make sure that all of my shoppers feel like they are family; The Elgin heating and A/C repair service company has been open for 15 years. I know almost all of the people in the part and I am ecstatic when I meet up-to-date faces as well, and our company offers 24/7 emergency services. I have a team of experts that can provide around the clock services to all of our commercial and residential service shoppers, then my buddy and I offer competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee. One of my shoppers was unhappy with a bill that they received from a specialist that repaired the A/C component in their commercial business. I told the client that I would find the bill and come down to the company so my associate and I could discuss the repairs, however as the owner of the Elgin heating and A/C repair business, it’s up to me to make sure that every client is gratified. I looked at the bill and it seemed reasonable to me. I met with the client who believed that she should pay about 20% less, because it only took my specialist 4 hours to complete the work, then she did not believe that the rate was reasonable and felt that my associate and I were charging for 5 hours instead of four. I was ecstatic to adjust the bill so my commercial client was ecstatic and felt like she was hurt.

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