I was boggled by the killer cannabis in Seattle

I had been to Seattle before, during an industry trade show, but I didn’t have a opportunity to explore the city, however at the time I was newly hired, & needed to make a enjoyable impression, instead of getting out of the hotel & convention center I stayed indoors all weekend. I attended the conferences, took notes, & tried my best to be a enjoyable employee, but that was five years ago. This year I was going back to Seattle for another trade show, but I was going with a completely modern attitude. This time I was determined to skip most of the convention & explore everything Seattle had to offer. The last time I went I didn’t even go to a cannabis dispensary, & that is something Seattle is world-famous for. This time I went to the nearest cannabis dispensary before I even checked into the hotel or the convention! I had my priorities in order haha. I purchased some cannabis flowers to smoke in my hotel room, & some edibles to take during the convention meetings. There were certain events I had to be present for, so I had enough cannabis to keep me stoned throughout the proceedings. The rest of the time I was out of the hotel, exploring downtown Seattle on foot, or in a petty-cab, then even though the weather was dreary & the sky was gray, I thought Seattle was charming. I was completely stoned at the time, so maybe that had something to do with it. I will definitely go back to Seattle the next time I get a chance.



Medical Cannabis Seattle WA