My automobile broke down after making the supply to the Muskegon address

On the weekends, I work for a Muskegon marijuana dispensary, but muskegon is a genuinely nice location to live as well as most of the people there tip pretty well.

Muskegon is located on the Eastern side of Lake Michigan, but it’s a short 3-hour drive to Chicago, however Muskegon has a small as well as elegant feeling. I decided to move to Muskegon to work for the school system. Unfortunately, I have a lot of bills from school as well as that requires me to work a part-time task on the weekends. I found a task working at a Muskegon marijuana dispensary. I never told anyone at the school that I took a task working for the marijuana dispensary. Unfortunately, last Saturday the school principal found out. My automobile broke down after making a delivery to the last Muskegon address on my route. I still had marijuana items in my automobile that needed to be returned to the store; When my automobile broke down, I had to stay with it until the items were retrieved, that is a large deal as well as a big rule for marijuana delivery drivers. If anything happens, I cannot separate myself from the marijuana unless my life is in danger. My boss as well as the principal of the school drove by as well as saw me stuck on the side of the road. She gave to give me a ride, but I told her that it was not necessary. When she insisted, I told her that I was making deliveries for my second task as well as I could not leave anything in the car. Then she wanted to find out more about my other task.


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