The AC wires were chewed from an animal

Last Friday afternoon, I responded to a customer that called because the AC in her living room was not working at all.

The woman was a customer of ours for a while but she had not called the store in some time. I looked at her file and the last time she called for an AC repair was 2 years ago. I wanted to remind the customer that she should be having yearly checkups on the AC unit. When I got to the Phoenix, Arizona address, I recognized the house almost immediately. It’s hard to forget about this particular customer, because her house is a very recognizable purple color. It’s the only house in the entire area that has a purple color that resembles an eggplant. The woman told me that it helps reflect heat, but I don’t think there’s any way that could be true. I asked the Phoenix customer to tell me what problems were occurring and I checked on some simple issues while I listened to the woman top. There was absolutely no power to the AC unit at all which I found very strange. I went outside to investigate all of the electrical wires and that’s when I saw the problem. The wires to the AC were chewed directly in half and it had to have been an animal. It did not look like someone used scissors or any type of cutting or chopping mechanism. It definitely looked like an animal was chewing on the AC wires. I’m surprised that the animal did not get electrocuted and die immediately.


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