The boiler broke down while in my first winter in Buffalo

A few years ago, I relocated to Buffalo because of my job. I made the mistake of moving to the city in the middle of Winter, but and needless to say, that was a shock to my system. If you’ve never spent a winter in Buffalo, occasions are you’ve never felt temperature like these. Anyway, when I moved, I wanted to rent a wonderful home or small house until I could find a permanent house of my own, well, I found a cute little 2-study room house as well as when I first moved in everything seemed fine, however but halfway through the winter on one of the coldest nights, the boiler decided to cut down. I contacted the landlord who tried to find an HVAC provider to service the device but to no avail. In fact, I had to go without the boiler for 4 nights before it was fixed; My landlord was kind enough to bring me a space heating system so that I could have some form of heat while I waited for the boiler to get fixed; Needless to say, those 4 nights were brutal. While the space heating system was great for when I slept, the rest of the house was freezing as well as after a afternoon of dragging the heating system around from room to room, I gave up as well as left it in my study room. I couldn’t be happier when the boiler was finally fixed, however that was my first winter here in Buffalo as well as since then, I purchased a house of my own. And I made sure that the boiler was fairly up-to-date because I did not want to relive that experience again.

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