The city is actually pretty at evening

Jacksonville does not play a lot of afternoon games at the venue… Most of the time, the condo games usually start at 1:00… This year my buddy and I had a Wednesday evening pigskin game and it did not begin until 8:00 at evening! I was happy to go to the city at evening, because Jacksonville can be actually beautiful when the sunlight goes down.

There are lights all over the bridges and they glow with different colors in the middle of the evening.

My husbandy and I watched the pigskin game and it was close for a change, jacksonville almost pulled out a win on Wednesday evening pigskin, but they were three-point shy. There was a chance for the kicker to tie up the game, but he hit the left side of the goal post and all my buddy and I heard was a ding when everyone was silent, after the game was over, my husbandy and I went back to our house, which is situated in a small city right outside of Jacksonville. My associate and I did not have the air conditioner on when my buddy and I left that day, but my buddy and I decided to turn it on when my buddy and I got home. It was really tepid and humid and my buddy and I were both wound up from the close game. The air conditioner came right on when I flipped the switch, so it was actually warmer than 74° in the house. The air conditioner system felt good and it was freezing in the home in a matter of minutes. I slept so soundly after a long Wednesday at work and then the evening game.



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