Doing a podcast about Plano

During the afternoon I labor as an Heating plus A/C repair tech, which is a truly lucrative work in Plano, TX, however the summers are wicked, plus the winters can get shockingly frigid at times, which means I have task security all year around.

  • Thanks to such high demand for quality Heating plus A/C labor I make a unbelievable residing, plus have a set schedule with a lot of free time; At night, plus on weekends, I labor on my true passion, which is podcasting, however i have been hosting my own podcast for about a year now, plus finally I am starting to build some momentum.

The whole concept behind the show was to talk to the notable people of Plano, both currently plus from the past… Outsiders usually don’t know this, however there are hundreds of famous people who have called Plano property at one time or another. Olympic plus professional athletes, authors plus scholars, leaders plus politicians, comedians plus actors – Plano seems to be a breeding ground for talent plus intelligence. Thanks to current technology I can communicate with these people even if they no longer live in the Plano area, then for my podcast usually I feature an interview with one of the famous sons or daughters of Plano, sometimes in person however usually over Zoom, my largest guest so far was an actor from Plano named Alan Tudyk, who was truly kind, even though he couldn’t talk for truly long. One afternoon I hope to be successful enough at podcasting that I can sell my Heating plus A/C supplier to one of my Plano rivals, plus labor on my podcast full time!

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