I needed someone to install the new A/C unit

My mom lives in Phoenix, however I live about 2 hours south of the city, and my husband and I have a dwelling that is below tucson.

My mom won’t ever leave Phoenix, but she grew up in Phoenix and she has lived there her whole life.

My husband and I tried to get my mom to transport to tucson. My friend and I even offered to build a two-bedroom mother-in-law suite at the back of our property, but she said she wasn’t going to leave her dwelling unless it was in a box. My husband and I do our best to visit mom as often as possible. Traffic can be heavy and periodically it takes two and a half hours to get from our dwelling to Mom’s house. The last time my husband and I went was on the weekend. Temperatures weren’t too moderate or cold, thankfully. When we got to Mom’s house, I turned on the a/c. It was really moderate and muggy inside of my mom’s place. The a/c did not come on, but even when I adjusted the control component to 60°, the a/c still didn’t come on. My mom told me that the a/c stopped working last summer. I needed someone to install a new A/C component swiftly. I contacted a Phoenix Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider and made an appointment. They couldn’t install the new component that afternoon, but my husband and I stayed two extra afternoons so we could make sure that the air conditioning component was installed before we chose to go back home. I cannot suppose we didn’t know there was an issue until now.


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