I’m thrilled that I chose Lee’s Summit

When I first moved to Lee’s Summit, it was because of an online cherish interest… Stop me if you’ve heard this story before! It wasn’t a catfish, because Ella was a real woman.

Let’s just say that the online version of Ella was much more fun plus beautiful than the real-life version… I moved to Lee’s Summit to be with her, plus my friend and I had broken up within 1 month. I am sure that I should have learned a lesson from all of this, but everything worked out for the best after all, however while Ella is in my past, Lee’s Summit is my present plus my future. I guessI owe Ella a debt of gratitude, because separate from her I never would have come to Lee’s Summit plus found a great job in the local HVAC community. What I didn’t know about this place before moving here is that for over 150 years Lee’s Summit has gotten bigger every year, there was never a time when people starting to leave Lee’s Summit, it only expanded, plus it still shows no sign of slowing down, then for an HVAC tech, or anyone involved in the construction industry, this is a great sign of stability. In other words, I knew I could make a lot of money plus do a lot of jobs in Lee’s Summit, plus never have to worry about where my next paycheck was coming from. I can always find a modern girlfriend, but finding a great job track in the HVAC industry is a lot more rare. I assume I’m going to cherish it here in Lee’s Summit.


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