The taxes were higher than I expected

I truthfully didn’t realize that taxes on marijuana were so high.

I have never lived in a place with legal recreational marijuana, then the first time I ever tried pot was when my coworkers plus I were sent to the West Coast for a conference! One of my buddies suggested trying recreational marijuana.

My friend and I were in Albuquerque, New Mexico plus I didn’t have my family or the kids with me. It was truthfully the perfect time for me to try recreational marijuana products without having my partner go dessert. My friends plus I got an Uber plus my pal and I opted to go to a marijuana dispensary in the town of Albuquerque. The marijuana dispensary had excellent prices on tinctures, flower, edibles, plus other marijuana products. My friends plus I got multiple unusual items plus took them back to our hotel. I knew the sales tax was higher than the state where I live, but the taxes on marijuana were about 30%. I spent a fortune on taxes plus I only got a couple of recreational marijuana products. My friends plus I went back to the hotel plus the first thing that my pal and I tried was a pre-rolled marijuana joint that was infused with top shelf flower, chilly water hash, plus marijuana distillate. The Joint was supposed to taste like strawberries plus it was not disappointing. The flavor was almost as nice as the feeling I got when I was high. I don’t know why more people don’t use recreational marijuana products. It unquestionably made me feel particularly calm plus relaxed plus I had a lot of fun.



Medical Pot Albuquerque NM