There is good money in HVAC work in Elgin

As a park ranger, watching over the local forests and trails on behalf of the State of Illinois, I think my work is very important.

For decades Elgin has been regarded as one of the most beautiful and natural cities in Illinois.

As the city keeps getting bigger, and the population rises year after year, it becomes all the more important to safeguard our natural spaces. My route covers fifty miles worth of hiking trails in and around the city of Elgin, which is a lot of ground to cover. I love my work, but it doesn’t pay very well, something my brother, the HVAC tech, reminds me of every time I see him. My brother became an HVAC tech, and six years later now runs one of the most successful companies in Elgin. He really wants to make it a family business, but I’m just not interested. As I mentioned, the population in Elgin keeps growing, which means every year there is higher demand for quality HVAC work. The money does appeal to me, plus the idea of joining a family run business, but if I step down, who will patrol the trails around Elgin? I love this area, and genuinely care about keeping the natural beauty of Elgin intact for future generations to enjoy. My brother says that other park rangers will take over my route, but I still prefer being the one to watch over Elgin with my own two eyes. Maybe in another few years I will be ready for HVAC work, for now I like what I do for a living.
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