Was it a mistake to move to Lowell on a whim?

After I met Darla online, things moved pretty fast.

Within three months I was packing my bags and crossing the country to move in with her! Alas, our love was doomed from the start, and not just because Darla weighed twice as much as she said.

Her weight wasn’t the only thing she lied about, because she also never told me about her baby. Obviously, moving to Lowell, MA was not what I expected, and my relationship with Darla was short lived. However, at this point I was already here in Lowell, so why not give it a chance? Since I have my HVAC certification and a decent resume of work experience, it was quite easy to land a job with one of the many Lowell contractors. Currently Lowell has the highest population in its long and storied history, which means there is a lot of work to be done. I have done enough reading about the history of Lowell to know this has happened before. Lowell is a town that experiences “booms” and recessions in its total population, but for now it is still growing at a healthy rate. I got a job working for a small HVAC contracting company run by a guy named Sam. Sam is a life-long resident of Lowell, with deep roots in the community. Through Sam I was able to find a nice little apartment within my price range on the outskirts of Lowell. Six months later I can barely remember what Darla looked like, but I am grateful to her for bringing me to Lowell, where my career is at an all-time high.


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