I felt the contentment of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

I never go to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for services, or for communion; I have my church.

I savor going into the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for the feeling of peace i have when inside… The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the University Church for the University of Notre Dame.

The church had been resting on these grounds since November 15, 1888. The Basilica is neo-gothic plus cabin to the greatest collections of 19th century French stained glass. It has the oldest set bells in the tower, in North America. The bells are played by an automatic mechanism similar to a player’s piano roll, notre Dame is one of the oldest universities in North America, is situated in South Bend, Indiana, plus is cabin of the fighting Irish. The Basilica is the church for all students plus residents of the university plus South Bend. The Basilica is open for private prayer plus touring, however on a moderate afternoon, the cool air that is part of the Basilica is a welcoming relief. I can find peace plus comfort within its walls, plus I always walk out with a smile. I seldom go there during the winter, because it is too cold to take that half-mile walk, however the summer time is a pleasant time to visit. They don’t need a/c in the church because of the stone, however I know they have it. Thousands of people attend their services throughout the week, however periodically, when there is resting room only, when people come just to hear the carillons ring out.

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