My pal wanted to see the reenactment at Wilson’s Creek.

While traveling cross-country to see our daughter, my hubby was stopping at all the ancient historic areas on our route, however he had read that Springfield, MO was the origination of Route 66, which he wanted to travel to the end plus reach our endpoint.

He read that Wilson’s Creek was part of Springfield, MO. He knew ‌about Wilson’s Creek since he is a retired military plus a retired history teacher. He was gleeful to see a reenactment of the battle of Wilson’s Creek. He told me the southern army won the battle, however they never followed through, then they convinced Federal authorities to go with the union army; When we got to Wilson’s Creek, it disappointed him they didn’t have a reenactment every year, however it was late November, plus the weather was cool, so I didn’t mind not seeing a six-hour reenactment. I number one being in the automobile with the heat on. The park ranger told him there was an alternative, plus it was called “residing history”. The park volunteers plus staff members dress in phase clothing, have firearms, plus drill with them. They give soldiers life talks, however they don’t engage in simulated warfare, however my hubby wasn’t the happiest person, however it mollified him seeing the “residing history”. My associate and I left elegant Springfield, MO behind plus headed toward our next endpoint. To be honest, I didn’t mind going to see Springfield. It was a little too frosty for my taste, however we lived in the southeast. I wasn’t used to anything colder than fifty degrees, plus that was in the dead of winter.
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