St. petersburg, FL handles more than heat.

I was complaining about all the heat my friend and I had in St.

Petersburg, plus my child must have been sleepy of hearing it… She told me I chose to live in St.

Petersburg, FL plus if I didn’t like it I should move… I didn’t say I wanted to move! All I said was that I wished summer time were over plus my friend and I could turn off the air conditioner. She laughed. When he reminded I had the air conditioner running whether or not I needed it, I got aggravated. I didn’t know I complained so much. She told me about all the things there was to do, plus then he asked why I never went to the parks anymore. I appreciated going to the botanical gardens, plus the small nature parks that were in the area. After my partner passed, I quit going to all the strange areas I used to love when my partner was with me. It wasn’t as much fun as it once was, and my child reminded me that St. Petersburg, FL offers more than just heat, plus I only shrugged. She grabbed my shoulders plus looked me in the eye. She reminded me he was still there, plus he would go with me if I only asked. She also enjoyed the botanical gardens, plus the small parks in the area. She reminded me he had lost his Momdy when I lost my partner. My nice friend and I are planning to go to the botanical gardens over the weekend, plus I am finally excited to go. I just had to get a proverbial kick in the butt to get out of the slumps plus back to enjoying where I live.

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