The A/C repair was the last of the day

Things were pretty tied up on Sunday, but i went to work at 9:00 in the day and the boss had a repair waiting for me.

I did not even stay at the office for the Sunday day meeting.

My boss wanted me to get started on the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning repair immediately. I drove out to the Minneapolis, MN location for the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning repair, but the owner of the corporation was waiting for me to arrive. The corporation owner was patiently waiting for help. He could not open the corporation that day until the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning system had been fixed. The corporation deals with ceramics and heat; Without any air conditioning in the shop, temperatures would have been more than 100° all day long. I started diagnosing and investigating the system as soon as I arrived, however one thing that I observed immediately was a buildup of dust and dirt was in the air duct. I notated all of the indoor air pollutants when I made my assessment. I did not know the indoor air pollutants were keeping the system from laboring correctly, but they were truly causing problems with indoor air quality. The concern with the A/C system turned out to be dirty evaporator oils. I told the owner of the Minneapolis corporation that he needs to have someone out here correctly to wipe and maintain the Heating and Air Conditioning system. With proper repair, problems like this do not usually occur. I was blissful to be able to lend some assistance and help the Minneapolis corporation owner with the Heating and Air Conditioning problems. When buyers are blissful with my work, it makes me feel immense pride for my task as a certified company.

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