The maintenance would have cost a ton

When my house AC stopped blowing chilly air, I instantly called the local repair corporation, and there are at least a dozen or more AC repair corporations in Tampa, but i call the one person that I know I can trust… My family & I have been using the same AC repair business in Tampa for more than 15 years. The service servicemans are genuinely reliable & knowledgeable & the service rates are affordable; Repairs are comprehensive & guaranteed for 2 years… When the AC component stopped blowing cold, I instantly contacted the local heating & AC repair business. I was busy an appointment on the same afternoon, however a NATE certified contractor came to my house to investigate the problem with the air conditioning system. The service serviceman believed the problem was the blower motor. The cost to replace the blower motor was going to be almost $1,200. The service serviceman quoted me a sufficient fee for a brand new AC unit, so I decided to replace the entire system. It didn’t seem like a good financial decision to spend $1,200 now on a component that might not last another 2 years. I decided to replace the system with a brand new & energy efficient AC component & heat pump. The new system is 60% more energy efficient then the last one & it should last 10 years or more with familiar service. The AC business in Tampa gave me a enjoyable price & installed the new AC the next afternoon, then so far, I care about the new component & the smart thermostat that was free with my purchase.


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