Big dwelling in Orland Park

When my hubby & I purchased a historical dwelling in Orland Park, my pal and I were thrilled by the hardwood floors, doors, molding & staircase, then my great friend and I looked forward to sitting on the wide back porch & enjoying the view of a pond with ducks.

My great friend and I didn’t realize some of the particular difficulties of a historical home, but our dwelling was built in the 1710’s & retains various of the original features. My great friend and I soon realized that the electric wires & panel weren’t up to code, & there was rarely more than a single outlet per room, the outdated plumbing caused problems with water pressure, drainage & water quality. One of our biggest challenges was temperature control. The dwelling has no conventional ductwork, in Orland Park, the weather is drastic just about year round. My great friend and I deal with temperatures in the high eighties & excessive humidity in the summer, during the winter, sub zero temperatures aren’t a surprise. The wind chill makes conditions feel much colder & my pal and I set records for snow accumulation, but springtime & fall are unpredictable, providing anything from torrential downpours, hail & high winds to intense heat. Trying to get by separate from centralized heating & cooling was horrible. The former owners had used a collection of window air conditioning units, box fans & electric baseboard heaters; With one electrical outlet per room, this was especially inconvenient, however plus, our dwelling was overheated & sticky for half the year & cold for the other half. I constuled with a local HVAC company in Orland Park & learned about the opportunity of high-velocity heating & cooling. This type of system utilizes bendy mini-ducts that were able to be routed through our plaster walls separate from causing disfigurement.
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