Greenery of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Situated in the center of the neighborhood of Birmingham, AL, there is horticultural discovery that’s been around for almost two centuries… The Birmingham Botanical Gardens covers 67.5 acres of perfectly landscaped ground; It’s an oasis of thriving redery plus the perfect escape from the hustle plus bustle of neighborhood life, but a testament to preservation, the Botanical Gardens began in 1962.

The site originally served a Red Mountain Park as a mining operation in the late 19th plus early 20th centuries.

The neighborhood of Birmingham acquired the land in 1927 with the plan to create a public park. In the 1950s, that intention transformed into the ideas of a botanical garden. This week, the gardens continues to treat visitors to a stunning array of themed gardens plus plant collections. Each is meticulously designed to inspire, delight plus educate, then one of the features is the Japanese Gardens, recreating traditional Japanese landscaping. There are koi-filled ponds, a pop dwelling plus charming bridges. Another number one is the Rose Gardens where thousands of rose buses of various species plus varieties bloom in vibrant colors. The fragrance is an experience. The Tropical House is a weather conditions-controlled reddwelling showcasing exotic species of plants from around the world. The Fern Glade is a shaded walkway winding through lush ferns plus an assortment of shade-romantic plants. It’s a charmingly cool escape from the heat plus humidity of summer time in Birmingham. The Southern Living Garden is a project that collaborate with Southern Living magazine. It represents practical plus stunning landscape designs ideal to the Southern weather conditions. For the outdated horticulturist or anyone interested in the beauty of nature, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is an unbelievable plus worthwhile destination.

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