Things to do in Lakeland

Often called the “City of Swans,” Lakeland, Florida, is an amazing place to live and wonderful destination for tourists.

The community is situated ideally in-between Tampa and Orlanda. While often over-shadowed by those more famous cities, Lakeland has unique amenties to offer. From exciting adventures to peaceful relaxation, there is something for every preference. A good place to begin a trip to Lakeland is a tour of Hollis Garden. Located along Lake Mirror, this formal garden creates a picturesque setting for a wide variety of blooming flowers, manicured landscapes and color patterns. The fragrant air and artistic design make for a rewarding stroll. For the air lover, Polk Museum of Art is a worthwhile stop. The museum has curated a collection of over 2,500 pieces, covering classical as well as contemporary works of air. The impressive display includes paintings, sculptures and exhibits of great variety. To enjoy the outdoors and glorious sunshine, Lake Mirror Park is a must-do. A scenic lake is surrounded by wide green spaces and lovely promendates. The park is a scenic setting for leisurely walks, relaxing by the water, reading a book or arranging a picnic. The iconic swan boats are a favorite of all ages. Another opportunity for nature enthusiasts is Circle B Bar Reserve. This haven for wildlife, offers a wonderful array of outdoor activities. Hiking trails wind through diverse ecosystems and provide the chance to spot an abundance of bird species, including bald eagles. There’s also the likelihood of spotting alligators. For a bit of history and shopping, head to Historic Downtown Lakeland. The red-brick streets lead through a plethora of boutique shops, eclectic restaurants and cafe housed in historic buildings.

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