Jacksonville is so much better than the north

I lived up north my entire life. I was used to a cold season that lasted 8 months out of the year. It wasn’t unusual to deal with temperatures in the negative twenties. I scraped ice and snow off my car multiple times a day. It was just life. Now I live in Jacksonville Florida. It is so much different. First, the weather is night and day different. The heat is intense and lasts forever. It is nice that I can get a suntan during the freezing cold times in the north. It is nice never having to deal with snow and freezing temperatures. I don’t love the humidity though. Second, the people in Florida are just so much nicer. Everyone is friendly and has nothing to do. Nobody wants to work but nobody wants to rush either. Third, I adore that there are plenty of things to do for entertainment. Jacksonville offers a wide range of dining options from fine dining to fast food. There are arcades, shopping malls, ice rinks, bowling alleys, mini golf, you name it. There are plenty of businesses for services like dental, hair care, HVAC, plumbing, and electric. I always have a handy service within a few minutes drive. That is so much different from where I used to live. I will admit that I miss the cold. I never get to wear pants and a jacket anymore. The winter season just isn’t that bad. There are nights that I rely on my heating system, but they are few and far between.


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