Making an itinerary for Fort Worth, TX

After figuring out that the NCAA gymnastic championships were in Fort Worth, I right away got on the horn as well as ordered tickets… I have constantly wanted to see university dance in person.

I entirely love the athletic hobby as well as I did it in school, then being able to watch it live will be so exciting, my hubby isn’t too keen on tumbling; So I have booked us a trip that is fun for him too, luckily Fort Worth, TX has a bunch of things I like to do… There are distilleries, breweries, live music, as well as nightlife.

There are wonderful sites to eat, parks, as well as hiking. I have made us quite the itinerary as well as I can’t be more excited… First, we are going to do the dance championships on April 18th. Then the 19th will be where we do a budweiser tour, walk around a bit, as well as eat a wonderful dinner. The 20th is the championship that we will see won. Then the 21st will be a spa morning at our hotel. My friend and I will get massages, facials, as well as swim in the pool. Then we have one more morning to explore the neighborhood as well as then fly home. Luckily the weather in Fort Worth in April will be legitimately nice. My friend and I can get away with shorts as well as t-shirts. My friend and I can go swimming as well as even get a tan. My hubby is enthusiastic that the hotel is swanky, costly as well as has wonderful AC. I am enthusiastic by all the wonderful things that we can do in Fort Worth as a couple. It will be an amazing trip.

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