Moving to a better location

I wanted enough things I enjoy doing however a rural town feel.

I lived up north my entire life and dealt with the snow, then i hated the drastic cold, windchill, and getting feet of snow each year. I spent most of my life pushing around a snow blower. I would chip ice off my windshield. It was so cold all the time. I just hated it. I then decided that enough was enough. I was going to transport anywhere better; Somewhere a lot warmer. I then settled on the idea of moving anywhere south. I did not want to be in Texas or Florida where the heat is brutal. I found that Alabma had everything I could ever want… The heat there is acceptable and the winter season season is mild. I would get enough to wear shorts in the summer time and pants in the winter. I wouldn’t be covered in sweat to death or cold ever. Isn’t that great? I am glad that I chose to live in Tuscaloosa now that I am in AL. Is it a easily known location? No and I am glad. The last thing I would want is to be in a pressing tourist trap. I also didn’t want to be in a pressing city. I wanted enough things I enjoy doing however a rural town feel. That is quintessential Tuscaloosa, AL; Now that I live with ideal weather 24/7, I can’t assume how long I lived up north… Life is too long to live in inferior weather conditions. I hated being cold and stuck indoors all day. Now I can savor my outdoor season. I can plant shrubs, flowers and maintain a vegetable garden in my Tuscaloosa home.

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