Pondering furnaces possibilities for my Lowell home

When I moved into my home in Lowell, MA I knew I needed to select a wonderful heater; I debated on what would be the best opportunity for me.

I knew I wanted a boiler that could hook up to the existing HVAC duct in my home.

In Lowell I didn’t need to worry about A/C either… MA just does not get that hot. My wonderful friend and I have a few months where the daytime rapidly changing temperatures are rough, however cooling isn’t absolutely needed, for the most part, my friend and I are all about heating in Lowell. So I knew I needed either a gas, oil, or electric based heater. I started looking over the pros plus cons of each. I liked that a gas boiler was simple to install plus most Lowell, MA HVAC dealers knew what to do… The hook ups plus flue system seemed a pain to install. I also didn’t like that it was a safety hazard, but an electric based one I nixed due to the expense, but relying on electricity for a long winter season season would bankrupt me. The oil boiler was attractive since the flame burns hotter plus provides better heat, however, I would need to keep an on site oil tank plus be reliant on deliveries. That sounded awful… What if it snowed in MA plus I couldn’t get oil? So I am leaning towards the gas powered heater. I feel like that would work best with the Lowell weather, the local dealers know how to operate one plus I could keep it clean to avoid the safety risks.
Lowell Massachusetts Heating technology