The draw of Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas is where I have ended up… I lived in colder states my entire life.

I then decided that I wanted to experience school in a warmer location.

I moved to Texas for what I thought would be a brief time in my life. I then met my partner who is a Texas native, however he never wanted to leave the state and I didn’t want to leave him! So Texas is where my roots are, then my fine friend and I looked all over the state and ended up in my partner’s hometown of Plano. I had never heard of Plano, Texas before. It is the sizzling air balloon spot of Texas which I feel is quite odd. It has light tornado warnings, high Summer heat, and mild winter season weather. It is around 35 minutes away from Dallas, Texas so if I want to hop on a plane, go shopping, or experience town life, it is right there. I am easily glad where I ended up; The Summer heat is pretty rough, then dealing with 95-degree weather most of the time gets pretty old… As long as my friend and I have quality air conditioner going at a constant rate, it is moderately tolerable. I do enjoy that the winter season season never gets that cold. Around 50 degrees and sometimes into the high 30s is as terrible as it gets. Snow does not happen often… When it does, people are constantly talking about it. It is constantly like a freak occurrence. Trust me, I don’t miss snow one bit.


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