8 places that you should not miss when traveling in Malaysia.

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General Info:

Malaysia has always been known to be a country rich in culture, food and history. Being a relatively large country compared to its southern neighbor (Singapore), travelers would find themselves frequenting public transportation in order to reach some of the places far away from Kuala Lumpur. Travelers would never have to worry though, as the transportation system here is well developed. Also, the locals are very fluent in speaking in English, so asking directions would be a walk in the park.

Geographical Orientation:

Malaysia is also a country only a little bit off the equator, which means that the temperature here is undeniably HOT. The temperature can shoot up to a whopping 34°c in Kuala Lumpur specially during summer. So, make sure to bring the appropriate clothes. You would also like to stock up on extra water bottles, umbrellas, face towels, and extra shirts for that hot city weather.


As I have mentioned earlier, Malaysia’s climate is hot. But, that does not mean that rain is rare here. Even during their summer season, rain is still expected to fall frequently. Don’t worry though, as the rain here only comes in short bursts. Bring an umbrella or two even if the day is pleasant, just to be sure.


As a country embraced by different cultures and nationalities, food here is as diverse as it can be. I personally recommend you to try these out:

– Bak Kut Teh (Jalan Alor Night Market)

– Banana Leaf Meal (Little India)

– Cendol (Best Cendol is found at Penang road, Penang)

– Char Kuay Teow (Best ones are also in Penang and Jalan Alor Night Market)

– Chicken Rice Balls (Malacca)

– Durian (It’s Malaysia’s national fruit and for good reason. Durian here are really creamy and sweet)

– Laksa (Jalan Alor Night market and Penang)

– Nasi Goreng and Roti (Batu Caves or Little India)

Places to Visit:

I have listed the attractions we visited during our stay in Malaysia. I will soon create a more specific post about each of the places listed here, to help you guys plan an ideal travel itinerary that would suit you. Stay tuned!

1) Batu Caves

Attractions at Batu Caves:

– Dark Cave

– Ramayana Cave

Check out my post at Batu caves by clicking HERE.

2) Cameron Highlands

Attractions at Cameron Highlands:

– Boh tea plantation

– Mossy Forest

– Cameron Time tunnel

– Cameron Bee farm

– Strawberry Farm

3) China Town

Attractions at China town:

– Petaling street

– Katsuri walk

– Central Market

– Sri Mahamariamman Temple

4) Genting Highlands

Attractions at Genting Highlands

– Chin Swee Caves temple (check out my post about Chin Swee Caves Temple HERE)

– Resorts World Genting

– Happy Bee Farm

– Strawberry Farm

5) Penang

– Little India

– Fort Cornwalis

– Penang Streetart

– Penang Hill

– Kek Lok Si temple

– Penang Botanical Garden

– Penang National Park

– Upside Down Museum

– Penang Bridge

6) Perdana Botanical Garden

7) Petronas Twin Towers

Attractions near Petronas Twin Towers:

– KLCC Park

– Aquaria KLCC

– Petronas Observatory

– Lake Symphony

– Suria KLCC Mall

8) Sunway Lagoon

More posts coming your way!

-Carlo, WHT

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