6 activities to try out at the Pangil River Eco Park in Laguna.

A beautiful nature sanctuary is waiting to be discovered deep within the municipality of Pangil Laguna. The place, being only a 3 to 4 hour drive away from the country’s capital (Manila), makes it an ideal spot of refuge from all the stresses of life, especially to those folks dwelling in the city.


The Ambon-Ambon Falls is situated in Pangil River Eco Park at Laguna Philippines. The highlight of the park’s attractions are the trekking to the Ambon-ambon falls and the water tubing ride. I have listed a couple of activities that would surely be perfect to those quick weekend getaways for the whole family.

1) Take a photo at the hanging bridge.

A hanging bridge welcomes the visitors entering the park. The river beneath the bridge connects to the Ambon-ambon falls itself. Visitors will surely enjoy taking pictures of the stunning view it offers. Be careful while crossing the bridge though. Some parts are extra slippery because of the accumulated algae on the surface of the wood.

The hanging bridge. Beneath is the river connected to the Ambon-Ambon Falls.

2) Relax by the cottages

Alongside the river are cottages that can be rented once you enter the park. Visitors are encouraged to sulk and enjoy the cool waters of the river. You could even perfectly enjoy the solitude and just hear the rushing water of the river if you come here on a weekday when the crowd is much lesser. You could also dip your feet while sitting on the huge rocks and sip some ice-cold beer. Your choice.

3) Trek the Ambon-Ambon Falls

The trek to Ambon-Ambon falls starts near the hanging bridge. The total time of the trek is about 30 minutes. This trekking package is also offered to children so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids. An experienced staff of the eco-park will be there to guide you and your family throughout the trekking experience and they serve as good tour guides too!

4) Ride the bamboo raft

I mean, who doesn’t want to experience riding a bamboo raft once in their lifetime? During the trekking, you could experience riding the raft not only once, or twice, but three times! How great is that?

5) Take a shower at the Ambon-Ambon Falls

We were able to reach Ambon-Ambon Falls after a 30-minute-nature-packed-trekking. You will feel a strong gust of wind hitting your face even from a good distance away from the falls. The roaring water below is like an invitation to my ears to dive right in. Sandra and I went to the falls and enjoyed a rare shower experience.

This is the highlight of our trip in the eco park. That feeling of cold, mountain water pouring down your face just feels something else! It’s just a shame that I still had not purchased my gopro hero 5 when we got here so we had to ask our ever supportive guide to take some photos while my girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves by the falls. Aaaaand there’s only the two of us so yeah, that made photos more romantic. Ayieeeeeeee.

6) Water tube your way down to the cottage area

Unfortunately, all things do come to an end. The same thing applies to our refreshing bath in the falls. Reluctantly, the two of us agreed to come back to the cottage to prepare for departure. The tour guide offered us to try water tubing when going down the river. I have to thank him for that! I acted like a happy kiddo on his 7th birthday while I rode that rubber life rings down the river. You just need to hold tight, and allow the current do the rest.

Water tubing- you get to ride rubber inflated liferings and allow the current of the river to propel you until you reach the cottage area.

Park Fees:

Day rate (6am to 6pm): P40.00 ($0.74)

Night Rate (6pm to 6am): P80.00 ($1.48)

Overnight rate (more than 12 hours but not more than 24 hours): P100.00 ($1.85)

2 days/1 night camping fee per person: P160.00ย  ($2.96)

3D/2N: P240.00 ($4.44)

trekking to Ambon-Ambon falls with tourguide: P60.00 ($1.11)

environmental fee: P1.00 ($.019)

development fee: P1.00 ($.019)

small house/cottage: P200.00 ($3.7)

big house: P400.00 ($7.4)


Overall, the trip to the Ambon-Ambon falls is satisfactory. The activities that the park offers are also quite cheap, along with the cabin rental prices and other amenities.

I recommend this place especially to all those travelers who are tight on budget. Also, if you get a chance to visit Laguna Philippines, why not stop by the park and see the beauty for yourself.

Happy traveling, guys!

-Carlo, WHT


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      Carlo Tuzon

      Thank you! There are lots of beautiul places to visit in Laguna. Most of them, unfortunately, are not given much attention. I’m very glad that I was able to help you out. Happy traveling!

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      Carlo Tuzon

      Thank you Indah! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, it really was beautiful there. I hope that you can visit it someday too! I’m sure you will like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy travelling to you!

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