Author: Richard

A good place to take photos is Eugene, OR

My fiance and I had been together 8 years and didn’t really want to plan a wedding. It was like one month we decided to finally get hitched. The two of us didn’t want it to be a big deal. I didn’t want to have a bunch of people around and pay for food, a […]

Wedding and honeymoon itinerary

I decided that my fiance and I are getting married in California and going to do our honeymoon there. I asked around and got all sorts of locations that people enjoyed. It is such a big state that I had to pick and choose. I decided I wanted a whole blend of California fun. I […]

Tarzana means everything is closeby

I found a hotel that is walking distance to the cannabis dispensary there. My best friend Cindy and I like to go on a trip every year. Our plan is to someday say we have seen all 50 states. Right now the two of us have a trip planned in California. I debated on where […]

There are pros to the area

When my husband got a promotion at work it required him to move. I was devastated when we had to pack up and move to Glenview, Illinois. We had lived in South Carolina for years and had a house. I was really upset to move to a city that had basically nothing to do. If […]

The welding shop had a high tech smart thermostat

My wife and I were visiting some friends and family in St Petersburg, and the stairs on our RV broke. We didn’t know who to call and there weren’t a lot of options for RV repairs. One of my family members suggested calling a welding shop to have the stairs repaired. I thought that was […]