Author: Richard

We had the most amazing time in Denver together

My husband plus I decided to take the youngsters to Denver the other week on a family holiday. My husband plus I have been living in CO for the length of our lives, however the two of us never went to Denver before. When our youngsters were eventually old enough to prefer the experience of […]

Had an enjoyable time with my family in Denver

My husband in addition to I made the move to take the kids to Denver the other week on a family trip. My husband in addition to I have been residing in Colorado our entire lives, but we never took the time to travel to Denver. When our little ones were seasoned enough to prefer […]

The Mount Evans byway was amazing

The people I was with and I had a fabulous trip in addition to we actually didn’t even need to leave the car. My fiance in addition to I decided to take the little ones to Denver Last month on a family trip. My fiance in addition to I have been living in Colorado this […]

The views will be great

The best reason to transfer yourself to CA is the legal weed market. Legal weed is so cheap in this state. I have been personally smoking pot since I was 13 years old. I think it’s pretty interesting that it is highly legal in some locations, but not in others. I live about a minute […]

The air feels like home

I moved to Florida when I was only eighteen. One of my friends wanted to transfer and she provided myself and others a ride for free if I helped him to do the driving. It took us a long time, but every one of us made it in one piece. It was the longest drive […]

The air has done wonders

My wifey and I were super angry before every one of us sold our new home and bought an RV. All of us were consistently laboring just to pay the bills and buy more electronics, gadgets, and cars. All of us only really saw each other on Thursdays and every one of us usually spent […]

There were perks, to be sure

My wifey was so super unhappy when she found out that I was using medical marijuana. I knew she was going to be extra miserable, although I hid it from her for six weeks. I never told her that I went to the local doctor and I only bought edibles to use at home, when […]

The city is something else

When my wifey commanded us to sell our beach house in NC to transfer to CA, I thought she was having a midlife crisis at first… I felt like the suggestion came from left field and I was surprised to say the very least. I came up with plenty of reasons why I thought it […]