Author: Richard

Husband always wanted to go skydiving

Our jump was easy, smootha nd just beautiful. My husband has always wanted to go skydiving. That really isn’t something that I have wanted to do ever in my lifetime. He kept bringing it up every vacation. I didn’t really want to skydive in a foreign country. I am sure those places are legit and […]

Moving to Lowell was actually a great thing for me

I used to live in California. Constantly people were coming to visit me. I never realized how many “friends” I had until I lived in a sunny, fun state. Suddenly everyone wanted to fly and stay with me. I realized that I was a vacation hub. Everyone wanted to take advantage of the fact that […]

Moving into a new kind of farming

My cousin Dale tells me that he has transitioned from being a rancher into being a marijuana farmer. This came as a shock to me, because in this part of rural Illinois our family name has been associated with livestock for generations. Traditionally speaking, my people have raised cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens, to sell […]

Not everyone in Beverly Hills is famous

I have lived in Beverly Hills all my life, but I’m not famous. I’m not even that wealthy, I just inherited a property that has been in my family for six generations. My family was one of the first to settle down in Beverly Hills, before it had the reputation it does today. That said, […]

Treating pain with cannabis

They provide quick onset of effects. Living in NY state means dealing with cold weather for the majority of the year, but the two of us properly deal with un-even temperatures below chilly plus even in the setback digits. The two of us set records for the amount of snowfall, and not many of years […]

We called the first number we found online

My wife and I moved to Phoenix 6 months ago. It was a huge transition to move from the Southeast to the southwest. We had to put all of our stuff on a huge moving truck. The moving truck left before us with all of our furniture, clothing, and personal items. It was very nerve-wracking […]

Air conditioning always improves comfort

I have been living in Tampa for over 15 years, and there is so much to do and see in the city. I must admit that I haven’t seen a lot of the attractions that are available here because I know that I will eventually get to them one day. For instance, there is an […]

Dual fuel system for home in Albuquerque

Living in Albuquerque means facing just about every type of weather extreme. The summers are hot and dry with temperature climbing into the mid nineties. The winters are short but super cold and snowy. We can expect the temperature to fall below freezing for about five or six months. The wide variation of conditions requires […]