Author: Richard

The bingo hall was crowded, hot, and very smoky

My mom absolutely loves to play Bingo. She used to take my sister to the bingo hall when we were kids. Back then there were no rules or laws saying kids weren’t allowed inside of places where gambling occurred. Now you can’t take any kids to the Gambling Hall or the Bingo place. I went […]

The line at the bank was very long

Of course the bank teller wanted to ask a million different questions about my mom and the deposit I was making into her account. My mom asked me to run some errands for her on Friday. She had surgery on Tuesday afternoon and she was still feeling a little under the weather. I didn’t mind […]

The game was cut short because of the fight

My friends and I listen to the radio every morning on our commute to work. Most of the time we listen to the sports channel. They give all the highlights from the games and talk about all of the latest news in sports. Last week we were listening to the sports station and they had […]

FIshing was fun and successful for a change

My brother and I go fishing every Saturday morning at a place right outside of Denver. The place is just south of the city. The fishing hole is very close to the mouth of the river. There aren’t a lot of people that know about the fishing spot, but my brother and I have lived […]

The lady refused to move away from the counter

Denver is one of the biggest cities in the country. There are more than a million people living within the city limits. One of the biggest sources of revenue in Denver is the Cannabis industry. The legal medical and recreational Cannabis industry accounts for two billion dollars in sales each year. The money from the […]

The last manager was not very personable or happy

Nobody knew what to expect when the manager at the Denver dispensary location was fired. The corporate head office person came to the building to personally deliver the news. A security officer escorted her from the building. It looked like a scene from a movie. Nobody in the store has any idea why that manager […]

John was and is a stoner and successful businessman

My best friend John and I grew up together in California. After High School, I decided to go to Michigan for college. I decided to study agriculture and mechanical engineering. John went to Berkeley in San Francisco. He earned a degree in engineering. John was always a stoner in high school and he was a […]