Author: Richard

Learning more about cannabis

When recreational cannabis was legalized in Michigan, I couldn’t wait to visit the dispensary in Whitehall. I stepped inside and realized that I had no idea what to buy. I was totally overwhelmed and clueless. I walked around and looked at the huge selection of products and consumption methods for almost half an hour. I […]

I don't like rolling joints, I like pre-rolls

While there are all different cannabis consumption methods, I prefer old-fashioned flower. I like the process and relaxation of smoking a joint for blunt. I feel that the dried buds are the best of the plant, and there is something soothing about inhaling the fragrant smoke. I smoke flower to relax at the end of […]

Cannabis and pain relief

Vaping provides a rapid onset of effects. I am a long-time marijuana user and advocate. I was relieved and delighted when recreational cannabis was finally legalized in Oregon. The passing of the law allowed me to finally visit the dispensary in Eugene. I have become a regular there. I’ve gotten to know the budtenders quite […]

Learning about cannabis

When recreational marijuana was first legalized in Colorado, I was eager to visit the dispensary. I live in Eugene, and a gorgeous facility opened up just down the street from my apartment. However, I didn’t want to simply wander around with no idea of what I should buy. Since cannabis has a significant impact on […]