Author: Richard

You need a good heater

I was blissful that our partner was given an entirely nice task with superb pay, benefits, and a union. The Winter season weather in Denver requires an efficient heating device, especially if you live in the mountainous areas; Denver, CO is known as the mile high town because it sits at one mile above sea […]

Pickup service at Orland Park, IL

When they got to bed, my youngest daughter complained about the cold, and I decided to switch on the furnace Moving can be cumbersome and sometimes stressful. This is what happened to me when I needed to move out of my previous house urgently. There was a major plumbing and HVAC mishap, and the landlord […]

Bike Rides at the Gallery Park

My husband and I had lived in Glenview, IL, for the longest time. We had been married for forty years before he passed on, and not many would believe we were that old. In my 60’s, I look like I am in my 40s, thanks to the regular exercises I keep doing today. This was […]

It is always fun with my granny’s neighbor

Once in a while, I fly back to my parents’ home in Denver to see my grandmother. She had been the one left to take care of things after my parents died in a tragic accident a few years back. I was already married and raising a family in a different city where I worked […]

Living the Dream in Tarzana, CA

For those who dream of living a beautiful California lifestyle, it may not get any better than Tarzana. Located between Encino and Woodland Hills, Tarzana is close enough to LA that you can get there if you want to, but far enough away that the LA busy-ness doesn’t overwhelm. If you are cautious to stay […]

My sister and I enjoyed time at the spa

My sister was no longer the little girl who used to follow me around back home. She had grown into a lovely and successful woman. I couldn’t believe she was going to get married soon. Last month, my sister called me with the best news ever. Her fiance had proposed, and she said yes. The […]

My best friend loved the tour of Santa Barbara

She just wanted to sit and watch the water without having to worry about anything. My best friend and I hadn’t seen each other in ages. Life had changed since the days we spent all the time together in high school. We both went to different colleges, and after graduating, I moved to Santa Barbara. […]