Author: Richard

We worked our whole life for that

Every one of us spoke with dad in length yesterday after the company he worked for closed down, however i knew he was trying to figure out the next chapter of his life, however lucky for him, the house was paid for, plus he owned multiple investment properties back home, then though he plus mom […]

My best friend here

I’d brought his some CBD oil which I knew would help his relax, and the next afternoon, we opted to go for a tour of Santa Barbara, as well as he enjoyed it so much My best friend as well as I hadn’t seen each other in ages, but life had changed since the mornings […]

He followed his girl to Denver

Darius was going through a taxing time in her life and didn’t handle her relationship well, however she had a long-time bestie who had been with him through a lot of things, but, she consistently thought she would be with him and didn’t treat her so nice the past year; So, a single day she […]

This would be a great Albuquerque office

When Jenny graduated from college, she soon discovered the task market was not what she thought it would be, the entry-level tasks available weren’t what she’d dreamt about when joining university. Jenny went to speak to her instructor about her struggle to find a task in her lake apartment city. Her instructor encouraged her to […]

We had to move to Libertyville last year

All our lives, we lived on the coast. The town we grew up in was near the beach. You can already imagine the weather. Apart from some few weeks where we got rain and cold weather, it was always warm. I never thought I wanted to live anywhere else. But, life can be unpredictable. Last […]