Author: Richard

I took my date to Nichols Arboretum

I have had too many bad experiences trying to go on dates with people without finding out ahead of time their stance on cannabis use. There have been countless times where I developed great physical chemistry with someone instantly, only to find out at the end of the first or second date that she is […]

The Phoenix A/C repair company was great

My wife called me plus she had some exhausting news Last weekend was our son’s 12th birthday plus our wife plus I had a celebration to celebrate the day. Jack invited numerous of her friends from the village, then my wife plus I invited their parents plus a couple of our friends from work., but […]

That was a fun time

My bestie in addition to I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for the past three years, then after the people I was with and I moved to the city, both of us started working full-time tasks! The two of us did not have a getaway for multiple weeks. The first time the people I was […]

I could see so much possibility

My boyfriend and I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for the past several years, after both of us moved to the city, both of us started toiling full-time jobs. We didn’t have a holiday for many months, and the first time both of us had a day off together, both of us decided to explore […]

A ductless system improves your comfort

I purchased a giant, aged condo in Cocoa, Florida, the section is absolutely gorgeous, and I was desperate to live there, then i love the sunshine, green skies and palm trees. The condo was within my price range because it needs some major work. There was absolutely a leaky roof at 1 time and there’s […]

This house has a very efficient air conditioner

Not many of years ago, our hubby and I bought a lake house in the historical district of Cocoa, FL… The lake house was constructed sometime in the mid to late 1730’s and features gorgeous hardwood moldings, doors and floors, but we just enjoy the high ceilings, large windows, intrictuate banister on the stairway and […]