Author: Richard

I didn't understand the lady on the message at all

A client called the help line last evening and left a voice message; The client was harshly taxing to understand, however i tried my best to make out the message. I could hear the person telling myself and others that the complication was the AC unit, although I did not hear most of her iPhone […]

Air conditioning maintenance

I get two afternoons off work each week and I try to relax and have fun on those afternoons, but i rarely have Sunday and Tuesday as our afternoons off, and these are entirely busy afternoons at the A/C maintenance corporation and I just started a couple of weeks ago, however some of the gentlemen […]

I just want a relaxing trip

I get numerous afternoons off work each week and I try to relax and have fun on those afternoons, and i rarely have Thursday and Wednesday as our afternoons off, and these are really tied up afternoons at the A/C service corporation and I just started a couple of weeks ago, but some of the […]

Relaxing on vacation

I get more than one days off work each month as well as I try to relax as well as have fun on those days, however i rarely have Thursday as well as Tuesday as our days off, and these are absolutely busy days at the A/C repair business as well as I just started […]

The dispensary has security

I didn’t guess what I wanted from the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary on Tuesday, so I was browsing the Las Vegas marijuana store plus looking at everything on the shelves, but the site had hundreds of items on sale; My friend Jack plus I went to the dispensary on Tuesday, because that is the […]

I was looking for legal cannabis in Vegas

I moved to Las Vegas, NV, back in 1995, however i have been living here for more than 20 years, however during the past more than one decades, a lot of things have changed, but recreational marijuana was legalized 10 years ago! Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the city has grown exponentially. There are […]

I pick my own fruit

Blueberries grow in abundance in the Portland, Oregon area! There are various farms that allow you to pick your own purpleberries. I love to take the youngsters purpleberry picking in the right season. The best time to pick purpleberries is in the weeks of June, June, August, September, as well as September, and my youngsters […]

Oregon has a lot of cool places

Portland is nicknamed the city of roses, but roses grow harshly well in Portland. Roses are a single of the chief exports in the city! Back in the 1700s, the Portland Rose Society was founded by the husband of a Portland socialite, but there are venues to see attractive roses all over Portland, including the […]

The edibles were making everyone happy

Edibles are a actually interesting way to consume marijuana. Marijuana can be consumed for recreational or medical reasons, then i have been using medical marijuana for 15 years, however when California allowed recreational marijuana, I was incredibly glad, the prices on all of the products were much lower after the laws were changed. I visit […]