Author: Richard

This temperature is right for me

The new home did not have Central A/C at all, and the baseboard heating systems looked enjoy they were 50 years old It took me several years to finish my bachelor’s degree and graduate from school, and after I was finished with school, I got a job in Chicago, but i looked for many apartments […]

I am settling into a new routine

It took me 5 years to finish our bachelor’s degree plus graduate from school! After I was finished with school, I got a task in Chicago, then i looked for several apartments in Chicago plus the surrounding areas, but everything was costly downtown, so I had to settle for a place in Glenview, but glenview […]

I was not happy with the winter weather

I went to university in Sarasota, Florida as well as appreciated going to see the Ringling Art Museum on afternoons when I had downtime as well as could spare a few hours. One of my girlfriends in university was an Art History major as well as appreciated going whenever there was a special exhibition being […]

I have lived in Tampa my entire life

Living in the northern section of the country made myself and others used to a lot of things that every one of us don’t have here in the Tampa Bay area. For one, I remember being in a community of people who tapped their own trees for maple syrup. My state is renowned from one […]

Surfing the reef area is a lot of fun

There really aren’t a lot of places to surf in San Francisco, California. When my friends and I want to tackle some large waves, we usually head down the coast towards Big Sur State Park. This state park is quite a drive from San Francisco, but it absolutely has a lot to offer. Surfing in […]

It rains a lot in San Francisco

We didn’t expect the guy any sooner, because of the rain and horrible weather San Francisco is a beautiful place to work and live. The weather is always cool and breezy and the sun shines a lot. It also remains a great deal in San Francisco. Last weekend the rain made it very difficult to […]

Cannabis legalization has cleared many from prison

Before cannabis products were legalized in the state of Colorado, a lot of the Denver prisons and jails were filled with people that got into trouble for cannabis possession. My brother was one of those people. My brother is a super great guy. He always worked hard to help my mom put food on the […]

I smoked too much pot before the round of golf

There are about 100 different golf courses in the Denver metropolitan area. One of the most famous places is very difficult to get reservations, but my best friend scored a pass for two people to play at 6:50 on Sunday. That is easily the best time on the best day of the week. It cost […]