Bag of beans: etching its name into Tagaytay’s places to eat and relax. 

Along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road, what started out as a humble coffee shop is now slowly paving its way to be one of the must places to visit and eat in Tagaytay. The bag of beans coffee shop primarily serves hot beverages to warm the heart. However, their menu is  extended to pastas, rice dishes, and pastries in order to cope up with the growing number of guests visiting the café.

Guests, whether it be a local or a foreigner, will surely appreciate the coziness this place has to offer. Tables and chairs are arranged outdoors, resting under the shade of the trees scattered throughout the café. As the breeze in Tagaytay is colder compared to other parts of the Philippines, one can really enjoy a cup of coffee or two while sitting on a wooden chair under the shade of a tree on a pleasant sunny morning.

The Bag of beans coffee shop is surely a place worth visiting whether you are with or without a companion. This humble coffee shop have already etched its name in Tagaytay, setting off a very important lesson that great things do come from humble beginnings. Happy traveling guys!

-Carlo, WHT

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