Cameron Highlands: More than just a cup of tea

When I looked for potential tourist attractions near Kuala Lumpur prior to our trip to Malaysia, I saw the tea plantation of Cameron Highlands in the list. I have always been fond of hot drinks, that is, with the exception of tea. This is the very reason why I placed Cameron Highlands on the “least prioritized” attractions to see during our trip there. We visited the Highlands during our last day in Malaysia- I regretted my decision afterwards.

Cameron’s sea of tea. Feat. Boh’s tea plantation.

The Cameron Highlands is located at the northern part of Kuala Lumpur. Travel time from the city proper is around 4-5 hours depending on the traffic. The photo above shows one of the four tea plantations owned by Boh. Boh is a tea business founded by a British and has earned its name way back in 1929 as one of the leading producers of tea. There are other tea plantations here, but the locals would definitely point their fingers to this one if you’re out here asking for the best place to take some photos. The growing tea business of Boh is no joke. The four plantations owned by Boh sums up to 1,200 hectares of land purely dedicated to tea production. Place 2,000 football fields altogether and you will have a rough estimate of its size. Unsurprisingly, the Boh tea plantations produces about 4 MILLION kilograms of tea EVERY YEAR. Let that sink in. To top it off, it is here where 70% of the tea from Malaysia comes from. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Boh tea plantation cafe.

What’s more pleasing than to sip your hot cup of tea while overlooking the very plantation from where your tea was made? This is the sole idea of the Boh tea plantation cafe. Surely, customers would not finish their visit here without trying the product that made the place famous. Their tea is superb and the atmosphere is brilliant- truly this is pure heaven for tea connoisseurs.

This drink completely sky rocketed my standards to tea.

Pardon me but I completely forgot the tea that we ordered during that time. I tried browsing their menu online but everything doesn’t seem to ring a bell to me. If you are familiar with the drink please let me know at the comments. I’ll gladly revise my post. Bottom line: their tea is awesome. They also have plain ones if you’re the classic-lover type of person but hey- you could always purchase the plain ones in their shop. I say you aim for the exotic flavors in their menu because they have their own recipe of making it. Also, their tea is not that expensive. I’ve seen restaurants selling ordinary drinks with extraordinary prices. You’ll never go wrong with this one.

Boh tea shop


Bottoms up!

Outside the cafe are rows of stores selling tea and souvenirs. Among those, is the very own tea shop of Boh plantation. I have never seen so much flavors of tea in my whole life. I even saw one variant of tea beautifully packaged in a silver cylinder. The whole package looks expensive enough for me not to look at its price. I guess those items are reserved for people who travel across the globe to taste tea. If you are just looking for souvenirs, there are also cheaper variants of tea. Here, cheaper tea is still exceedingly tastier compared to other types of tea out there. I know, because I purchased a cheap tea here costing me less than 10 RM (2.57$) for 100 grams.

Tea, tea and tea.


Tea as far as the eye can see.


A viewing deck (bottom left) is provided for tourists.

Travel Tips:

– Prioritize your trip here if you are fond of green landscapes. The tea plantation is only one of the many places you could visit in Cameron Highlands. Other attractions include the mossy forest and the mountain trails. You can even join a tour and go on camping along the trails!

-Always ready your camera after boarding the bus going to Cameron Highlands. There are lots of amazing sights along the way that would be worthy keeping as a souvenir later on.

– Try something new. The cafe here offers a wide selection of tea and pastries. Who knows? Maybe your visit here will be the last time that you’ll get to taste that unique tea flavor from their menu. I would have tried 2 more of their best sellers if we were not short of money when we came here.

How to get here:

-From KL sentral, ride a train bound for Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

-Alight at Bersepadu Selatan, then go to the ticket counter for buses. You can ask the information desk if you are in doubt which of the counters is for the buses.

-Purchase a ticket going to Cameron Highlands

-After arriving at the Cameron Highlands city proper, look for a taxi terminal.

-Ask the taxi to take you to Bho tea plantation. Don’t worry about the taxi charging tourists extra money because the drivers are kept in check there. They are registered and are not allowed to charge the tourists more than the standard fee. It is, of course, up to you if you want to hand a tip.


  • 35 RM (9.0$) for the bus from KL to Cameron Highlands
  • 25 RM (6.43$) for the taxi from Cameron Highlands to Bho tea plantation
  • 15 RM (3.86$) for the food that we ate at the cafe and some souvenirs.


It really is unfortunate that we only had a day to explore Cameron Highlands.  I guess it’s Malaysia’s one way of telling me to visit it again some other time- that next time, I bring my whole family so that we could enjoy all of what Cameron Highlands has to offer.

Happy traveling, guys!!

-Carlo, WHT


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  1. Anonymous

    This is truly amazing, overlooking this incredible green hills and fields while sipping your tea! Thanks for posting such beautiful photos, and have an amazing time! The tea must taste so good!

  2. Away In Autumn

    This is truly amazing, overlooking this incredible green hills and fields while sipping your tea! Thanks for posting such beautiful photos, and have an amazing time! The tea must taste so good!

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      Carlo Tuzon

      Hi Debra! Yeah it really was such a wonderful experience to drink that hot tea while simply enjoying the lush tea plantation. I’m more than happy that you liked my story 🙂 And yes, that tea is one of the best I had in my life. Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. Post
      Carlo Tuzon

      Hi Suyash! It’s been a while 🙂 yeah, it is awesome specially up close. You should consider visiting this cause I know you love hiking. Thanks for stopping by! And oh, please do update me regarding that travel blog you’re into. More power!

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